Friday, 30 September 2016

How one can have complete benefits of QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

QuickBooks ProAdvisor is an efficient part of QuickBooks that provides training and certification for complete QuickBooks issues. With this QuickBooks training program one can know about various and issues that may happen with QuickBooks software. It is an online training program, so you need not move anywhere because you can have QuickBooks training just at your home. You can also have a specific training for particular QuickBooks software. Like, you can have a training of QuickBooks Pro by dialing a toll-free number of online technical help phone number for QuickBooks Pro. Similarly, you can have support for other parts of QuickBooks. Read more at
There are many QuickBooks users who are not exactly aware of   complete programs of QuickBooks software. And, so they become unable to have complete benefits of QuickBooks ProAdvisor software. Here, you can dial a toll-free of a helpdesk customer support number for  QuickBooks  to know about varied ways to have complete advantages of QuickBooks Pro Advisor. However, you can also go through this post to know the way to have complete advantage of QuickBooks training program.
So, before connecting with QuickBooks ProAdvisor go through the following tips as shown here:
Know the version of QuickBooks software you are using
QuickBooks has many versions, so it is important for you to know your version so that you can have solution as according to the version of software you are using.
Make them know, whether your QuickBooks software is running on one system or more than one system.
When you run your software on multiple systems, then it may happens that your multiple files may end. So, you need to make them know so that you can have a perfect solution.
Let them know the duration since when you are using QuickBooks software
If you are a new user, then advisor will guide you through each and every step. And, if you are an old user, then they will try to sort out issue in minimum duration.
Do you have knowledge regarding bookkeeping or other business accounting pieces?
This is important to make your adviser to know, so that they can assist you according to your knowledge. So, then know your accounting capability for your QuickBooks software.
With all these above tips, you are surely going to have complete benefits of your QuickBooks ProAdvisor. However, if want to know more tips to have complete advantages of  QuickBooks ProAdvisor then you can dial a QuickBooks ProAdvisor technical support number.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

QuickBooks Support to set up Sales Tax in QuickBooks

QuickBooks as a great accounting manager has also made it too easy to record and collect sales tax whenever required. Sales tax preparation is a really very challenging task, but with the help of QuickBooks it can be now easily prepared. To have sales tax preparation with your QuickBooks software, you just need to setup sales tax in your QuickBooks software. You can also dial a toll-free of dial tech support number for QuickBooks sales tax to setup sales tax with your QuickBooks software. However, you can also go through this article post to have sales tax report with your QuickBooks software.
Before you start this sales tax setup procedure, you just need to gather some information like:
·        You should learn about Sales Tax concept so that you can clearly understand that how sales items, rates and codes are used to track sales tax and how it is paid to your tax agency.
·        These instructions are too long, but completely helpful to have correct setup of sales tax. You may also have an assistance of tech experts available 24*7 for online QuickBooks to have an error-free setup.
·        Have a view of a Sales tax preferences pictures.
·        Be sure, that sales tax is turned on.

After going through these above steps, you move toward further procedure to setup sales tax. So, let’s go through that:
Setup Sales Tax schedule for payment
·        First, open sales tax preferences.
·        In Owe Sale tax section choose, when you need to pay sales taxes to tax agency.
·        Now, in the Pay sales tax section choose how much time you need to make sales tax payment. Time interval specified here helps you to sets reminders to pay your sales taxes.
Have Sales tax codes for taxable and non-taxable status
·        Go to Sales tax preferences Window and click on most common sales tax. Now, choose Add New.
·        Now, in Sales Tax code window, enter the code of three digit Sales tax with descriptions.
·        Click on Ok.
·        Similarly, you can repeat 1 and 3 to setup each sales tax code.
·        When you have finished your Sales tax code, then you need to click on Taxable and non-taxable and then select default sales tax code.
With all these procedures, you can easily setup Sales Tax in your QuickBooks. However, if you want to have more information then you can call a QuickBooks technical support number.

Monday, 26 September 2016

QuickBooks Enterprise – An Important Business Manger

QuickBooks Enterprise is important software of QuickBooks that presents a presents a great accounting capability for managing a business. It’s really an advanced and innovative extension of QuickBooks software among all another part of QuickBooks like Pro and Premier. With such a broad accounting and business management, there can also be some situations in which you could face trouble. But, you should not get worried and call a tech support number for QuickBooks Enterprise to have an instant solution for any issues with this amazing software.
QuickBooks Enterprise has grown to provide powerful accounting features that let you budget, invoice, report, complete sales order, bills, manage receivables and more. Your any types of accounting needs can be covered with this innovative Enterprise software. With this software, everything is hosted in cloud and not locally with your Office. Information stored in it can simultaneously access by your team member with the access of any device like Mac, PC, or Tablet.
There are many amazing features of this software, so you must choose it for your business. You can also dial a support helpline number for QuickBooks to have queries answers or problems solutions for smoothness of your software. As a result, it will present a better business and makes you able to achieve your goal. Let’s know how this software assists you:
Reason to choose QuickBooks Enterprise:
•    It makes you pay fast and easy payments with great accuracy. It automatically updates and sends payments to the bank.
•    It helps to pay an employee in the snap by creating unlimited checks, free direct deposit utilization, file payroll taxes, and no monthly fee for an employee.
•    It helps to prepare powerful and customized reports. With its’ advanced reporting you can prepare and modify any report as according to your need. Its’ templates make to have an automatic filling of details in company data.
•    It makes you manage inventory in multiple locations and cost options. Advanced inventory makes you scan the barcode and track items in all possible ways. You can also manage and arrange items as according to your use or you can also have FIFO.
•    It advanced pricing saves times and money both with perfect accuracy, so here you need not make any manual updates.
•    It makes you have printed checks directly with your QuickBooks software, so it saves you from fraud.
With such a great utility, you must own this software to have your business at success height. However, if you want to have more help or suggestion, then you can call a QuickBooks technical support number.


Know to fix error with Outlook 2016 search error

Outlook has become one of the perfect emailing applications that have really changed the way of doing email. Along with email, it helps in doing many other activities to manage complete personal and official tasks in a sequenced way. It is frequently needed in your daily task, so like the other daily applications; it also needs a proper maintenance. Thus, to keep smoothness of its functioning you can dial a toll-free number of a dial support phone number for Microsoft Outlook. Click here for want to more solution related to MS outlook:
Outlook is a part of Office and there are varied versions of Office, among which Office 2016 is the latest one. So, Outlook 2016 is the latest one that comprises of many features. But, with its’ great features there have been also some troubles. Recently some users have reported not working on search tool. There could be many reasons for not working of search tool, so you can dial a MS Outlook not responding tech support helpline number to know about various causes and solutions for Outlook 2016 search error. So, let’s know about the things that you can do to get rid of this problem:
When Outlook marked for indexing
If you do not find any search result, then it may be that Outlook data file would not have checked for indexing. It’s very much important to have a proper functioning of Outlook because it may send complete email client into spiral of malfunction. Thus, to have a proper check for Outlook indexing you need to navigate for search functioning by clicking on File>Option>Search. Now, you need to go to Indexing options and then need to click on Modify.
Now, after checking marked for indexing you need to disable and then re-enable Outlook. And, for doing this you need to go through the procedure as shown below:
•    Go to Indexing and deselect Outlook.
•    Close your Outlook.
•    Now, check in your task manager whether Outook.exe is running in process tab.
•    Open Outlook again, and then choose Outlook for indexing.
Check for corrupted PST file
There could be some corrupted PST files that can cause search error with your Outlook. With the tool scanpst.exe file, you can scan the corrupted file present in Outlook.
Again form the index
You may also need to rebuild your text and for doing this you need to go through the procedure as shown below:
•    First, click on File>Option> Search.
•    Now, click on the button showing Indexing Options.
•    Now, click on Advanced.
•    With Index settings, click on Rebuild.
With all these methods you can easily get rid of search error with your Outlook 2016. However, if you want to have more information then you can dial an Outlook technical support number to have complete assistance for Outlook issues.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Easy ways to fix different POS installation errors

It is quite clear that Intuit’s ace software QuickBooks is a big success and has been widely used and accepted by millions of small business for control their daily financial activities. The software program is widely used by restaurants, shopping malls, florists, and contractors using Point of Sale software that controls inventory right at the cash register in an effective manner. While installing the software that replaces the cash register, it is probable that the users may encounter lots of POS installation errors, including error code 1304, error code 1642, error code 1706 or "IntuitUpdateService" error. Whenever, you face such errors unexpectedly a helpline phone number support for QuickBooks seems to be the best option for kicking these errors. Read more at:

Error 1304 comes with the message “Error writing to file Intuit.Spc.Esd.Client.BusinessLogic.dll.”
Error 1642 comes with the message “Error installing Microsoft .NET. Could not verify digital signature of file %s.”
Error 1706comes with the message: “1706 No valid source could be found when opening Point of Sale.”
Error: Unable to start the "IntuitUpdateService" Error and its shows the message “The service did not respond to the tart or control request in a timely fashion.”

Now the prime question is why these errors occur. It is said that these errors are caused by Beta version of Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. The same error can occur if Microsoft .NET Framework is not set up properly. It is also likely that you may have a damaged or corrupt POS installation.

When it comes to fixing these errors, all you can do is to dial a toll-free helpdesk customer support phone number for Online QuickBooks or you can try the following DIY instructions. Before you initiate things in order to resolve the issue, make sure that you have a restore point in Windows or Mac you are using. It will be great if you can consult experts for the documentation purposes to accomplish this. Abide by the following procedure when you have your POS CD available.

Simple steps to fix POS installation issue:
·         First of all you need to confirm that you are using an updated Point of Sale version. Now, go to the product updates page, and choose Point of Sale as your product, and abide by all instructions displayed to help you install a Manual update. It is likely that you may need to restart the system.
·         After this you need to run the system file checker (sfc) tool with the help of the /scannow option. When you run the tool it will try to repair all operating system files within Windows or Mac along with frameworks.
·         At last, re-install POS Point of Sale. It is also likely that you may need to reinstall and un-install the PS to fix installation errors.
These steps are likely to make things happen in your favor.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Windows 10 anniversary update errors and suggested solutions

Windows 10 has been in news for last one year for its free upgrade, for it anniversary update, for its performance issues, and for a long list of issues experienced by Windows users who have upgraded to the next version. Despite various issues with the operating system, it has been widely used and preferred by millions of people across the universe. When it comes to resolving all sorts of major or minor issues with the OS, users are likely to have the right technical assistance from a team of professional technicians. To get the best assistance from the real experts, it is vital that get online technician help for Windows 10 should be dialed by the person who has some issues with the latest version of Windows. Read more about Windows 10 Issues:

As Microsoft has made the Windows 10 Anniversary Update available to all, it is likely that there can be issues of installation failure or other possible errors. Following is a description showing some common problems faced by users after going through Windows 10 anniversary updates and how to fix them with easy solutions.

When you fail to complete the Anniversary Update installation, you are likely to face two error messages:
Error: “We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don't turn off your computer.”
Error: “Failure configuring Windows Updates. Reverting changes.”
Here, you need to find the error code from the updated history. First open Settings>tap on Update & security>tap on Windows Update> click the Advanced options link> tap on the View your update history link>tap on the line for the failed update and error information. You can also opt for technical customer support helpline for Windows to find the error code and installation solutions.

When the issue is related to the connection to the Windows Update servers, you are likely to get these two error codes: 0x800F0922 and 0xc1900104. These show that there is no connectivity between the computer and the Windows Update servers. Here, you need to separate from the VPN connection if your computer is not attached with the Windows Update servers. If you are a Windows 10 user, then it is possible that System Reserved partition is smaller. So the best thing you can do is to use a 3rd party software program in order to enhance the size of the System Reserved partition.

If your computer screen makes you face 0x80200056 error code, it means to your computer is upgrading and there is an interruption due to an accidental reset or sudden signing out issues. Here, Windows users needn’t go panic as it is just a simple issue. First of all, you need to install the update again. Also keep in mind that your device is powered on and you don’t restart the system or sign out at all.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Communication channels for having Windows support

Have you ever imagined what is the utility and value of a toll-free Windows technical help number for all Windows users? The value of this number increased by manifolds when something goes wrong with any version of Windows you are using or you need to know more about Windows from certified and professional technicians employed by the world’s leading technology giant Microsoft Corp. Basically, Microsoft customer services available for all Windows users are of two types and come via various channels. These two types include: Windows technical support and MS Windows customer support and service.
A Technical Support Number for Windows comes to your help when your Windows have an issue or issues that plague the performance of the OS badly. Windows technical support is all about getting instant and reliable technical assistance from a team of certified technicians when Windows 10 or Windows 8 have some networking issues, installation issues, compatibility issues, data security issues, and printing issues. Here the support users avail is for troubleshooting all sorts of Windows issues.
On the other hand, the MS Windows customer support and service that one can have via a Customer Support Helpline Number for Windows 10 comes to Windows users’ aid when users need to know more about any Windows version they are using. Following are some of the topmost channels through which you are supposed to get Windows support from reliable resources.
·         MS Windows phone support
·         MS Windows chat support
·         MS Windows mail support
·         MS Windows forum support
·         MS Windows community page support
·         MS Windows extended support
·         MS Windows mainstream support
All these communication channels have their own benefits as they have been designed in order to help people bring the best out of their Windows-run systems under all sorts of circumstances with no hassles.  The first type of support shown in the list is the fastest communication mode as it connects tech support professionals to aggrieved Windows users directly. It is a big way to have a verbal communication where experts analyze the issue and offer instant support without wasting even a moment. But other two chat and mail channels can make you wait from response from the other side.
It is also probable that your call is put in the waiting list due to a long queue. You don’t want to waste even a single second and let the time pass off so badly, then there are also other resources that can let you solve all Windows issues but at an affordable price tag. And these resources are 3rd party technical support providing agencies that always come to your assistance when you need them the most and they also help you take a good and balanced decision.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Things to know about Upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 10

Many users are still using Windows Vista and have not yet upgraded to Windows 10. This may be either due to great attachment and affection with Windows Vista or they may be facing lots of issues on updating their OS with Windows 10.Users can dial a 24/7 tech experts available online for help Windows Vista to know about various issues and solutions that they may get while upgrading their Vista with latest Windows OS.
If you are currently using Windows Vista and want to switch to the latest Windows 10, then you need to know about various things that you must know before proceeding to Windows 10 update procedure. Here, you can dial a Technical customer phone number For Windows to have a modification in your system if you are using Windows Vista. You may also visit official pages of Windows help or you may also go through this article post to upgrade your Windows Vista to Windows 10.
Things to do with Windows Vista before switching to Windows 10
Create backup of all stuff or transfer stuff to new PC
Before doing anything with your Vista PC, you need to create a backup of your all data so that you could not miss your any of your important data. If you want to transfer your data to another PC, then you can install PC mover app to move your data easily without loss.
Need to upgrade hardware to large extent
Most of the Vista PC hardware is not compatible with Windows 10 so most of the hardware needed to upgrade. These all upgrade may cost too high so better to have some Windows experts suggestion before moving towards upgrading process.
It may cost you high
Switching from Windows Vista to Windows 10 may cost you more as here you first need to switch to Windows 7 or 8.1 licenses. Windows Vista licenses are not allowed to be upgraded. However, if you have upgraded in any way, then you may face instability issues with your Windows.
Vista PC can only be able to find security updates till 2017
Vista PC users will not be able to have security updates after 2017 due to which upgrade may become completely impossible for its users. Microsoft Edge is also not going to work on its PC even after an upgrade. Though, Google chrome and Mozilla will function in smooth way.
If you have really planned to switch from Windows Vista to Windows 10, then with all above facts you would have clearly understood that what will be best for you. However, you can also dial a toll-free number of Windows support number to have a perfect suggestion with economical value.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Get the fixes of QuickBooks Enterprises 2016 Errors

QuickBooks Enterprise is an important part of QuickBooks software that helps to manage your business anytime and anywhere with any of the devices. It can manage 30 users at a time due which it’s very much efficient a small business owner. With its’ great feature there are also some situations that can cause trouble to a business owner. QuickBooks Enterprises may some errors with freezing issues that could hamper a user to have proper access to their software. Here, one can dial a toll-free number of a helpdesk customer support number for QuickBooks Enterprise to have a perfect resolution of this software error.

On upgrading QuickBooks Enterprise 2104 to 2016, it produces many types of errors such as 6123, 0 error while opening a file, freezing issue, and SQLANY error 16.0. These all errors occur may be because of network connectivity loss, other network obstruction, missing of QuickBooks network data file, or may be because of damage of QuickBooks installation files. Anyway, you can easily have a solution either with helpdesk customer support number for  QuickBooks or through this article post. Let’s have a look at solution procedure:
•    First, download QuickBooks File Doctor to open the file by copying it to different locations.
•    Now, you to resolve 6123, 0 error manually for which you need to follow the procedure as shown below:
Reboot your system to close the program that might be conflicting.
If you are a single user installation of QuickBooks, then you need to stop multiuser hosting.
•    Verify the network connection with the host of your computer.
If you have wired network connection to access file of your company, then check whether it has secured connection or not. Check whether all programs located on your system are accessible or not.
If restarting of system resolves some issues, then there might be network connection problem. Here, you should contact your vendor to have a resolution of this problem.
•    Check the settings of Firewall
Here, you need to check whether your Firewall is configured properly or not. If it is not configured properly, then you need to setup a proper configuration so that you could not get any security issue with your network.
With all these solution procedures you can easily get rid of 6123, 0 error with your QuickBooks Enterprise. However, if you want to know more about solution procedure then just call a QuickBooks technical support number to have an instant and perfect resolution.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery to get Back Lost Data Files

Intuit with its great accounting software has also developed Auto Data Recovery (ADR) feature with its QuickBooks to recover complete data from QuickBooks whenever you lose any of its data. This ADR feature is only available with Pro, Premier, and Enterprise for Windows that has a storage limitation of 1.5GBytes. With this feature, you can easily recover your lost QuickBooks data without having any support customer phone number for QuickBooks. It works with current transactions log file and company files and creates the copy of it with a particular interval of time.
ADR should only be used when you have already used all appropriate resources. You should also consult customer support for QuickBooks data recovery to recover your lost data and to know that how ADR actually provides a solution to your problem. Let’s know how its features actually function:
ADR with company file recreates complete transactions with the use of original transactions file. And for doing this you need to go through the procedure as shown below:
•    Open the folder where your company file is stored.
•    Now, with No Company Open screen just prepares a note of your path and opens in Windows Explorer.
•    Now, if needed then create the visibility of your File Extensions.
•    Prepare note as according to size and date as company file and transaction log file.
•    Create a new folder and name it as old files.
•    Move your company files to the new folder that has been created.
•    Now, open your QuickBooks ADR folder which is same as the company file.
•    Prepare a note as according to size and modified as twelve-hour auto-recovery data files or 24-hour auto-recovery data file.
•    Now, make a right click on company data file and choose copy.
•    Again, you need to go back to the folder where company file is stored.
•    Now, you need to select organize and then paste the company file.
•    Make a right click on company file, and then you need to rename it.
•    Now, from the end of filename delete .adr.
•    Open QuickBooks and company files.
•    With registered accounts verify all data of transactions.
•    Now, uses verify data utility.
With these above-shown steps, you can easily recover your lost data with the help of Account Data Recovery utility. However, if you want to have more information of this ADR utility then you can dial a QuickBooks technical support number.

If you facing any issues realted to QuickBooks, Just clicked here:

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

What to do when you are unable to update Windows 7?

Windows 7 easy interface has made the users get stuck with it. Even after the announcement of the end of Windows 7 support, many users are still using this Windows 7. With a research, it has been observed that 40 percent of Windows users are using Windows 7 which may decrease because many are still trying to switch to Windows 10 version. Several issues have been observed on Windows 7 update that can be resolved with available tech support experts 24*7 for Windows 7. Read more about Windows 7:

Mainstream support for Windows 7 has been ended but it extended support will continue till 2020. Now, a user who wants to switch to the latest Windows OS needs to make a fresh installation. With convenience roll up many of the updates have been released as service pack 1that needs to install. Here, you should dial a Tech phone helpline services for Windows to have an error free upgrading. However, you can also go through this article post to have a proper installation of Windows update issues.
Update with fresh installation
•    Install Windows 7 service pack 1before updating it.
•    Now, install a prerequisite patch to have convenience roll up as KB3125574 and KB3020369.
•    Download and install KB3020369.
•    Again download the correct version of convenience rollup KB3125574 as according to the configuration of your system.
•    You can also use Microsoft update catalog to download and install KB3125574.
•    Now, you need to restart your PC.
•    Run updates for Windows and choose whether to download or install.
•    Now, you need to check for updates. Updates download may take about 1 or two hours, so you need not worry. Here, you may find 50 to 70 updates.
•    Apply all these updates and reboot your system.
•    Repeat all these updates to have a complete installation of all updates.
After going through these steps, if you find any error then you need to go through the steps as shown below:
•    Close the Windows update window.
•    Stop the service for Windows update.
•    Run command prompt as an administrator.
•    Enter the command shown on the desktop.
•    To sort out Windows update issues, you need to run Microsoft fix it tools.
•    Now, install the latest version of Windows update issues.
•    Restart your PC and run Windows update again.

With all these ways of Windows 7 installation, you can successfully get rid of all the issues that you get while updating Windows 7. If you are looking for an easy installation process, then you can call Windows technical support number.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Application Update Required Error Resolved in QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS is an innovative formation of Intuit that supports a retail shop owner to track sale, manage inventory system, customer bills printing and many other tasks. In case any queries or support, you can connect with technical customer helpline number for QuickBooks. As similar to other software, QuickBooks POS is also prone to some errors that could create a problem in accessing your QuickBooks POS software. Recently some users have reported for ‘Application update required error’ with your software.
‘Application update required error’ appears just after opening POS software. After clicking on Next users become unable to access their files as the screen gets freezes. This appears as a page that completely makes you unable to access your company files. This issue can be avoided and resolved with customer helpdesk number for QuickBooks Point of Sales. However, you can also go through this article post to have a solution to this error. Let’s go through that:
Way to fix ‘Application Update Required’ error:
Ensure that complete POS updates are installed.
To make sure of all the installed updates go through the procedure as shown below:
•    Go to the update screen and click on Exist
•    Now, click on help and then check for software updates.
•    Now, allow POS to update.
•    If you find any error during updates, then go to the update page of product and go through the instruction to have a manual installation of updates. Here, you need to be sure that you have selected POS as your Product.
Remove WSActivity.XML file and delete the folder contents of entitlement clients.
Before proceeding to this process you need to make sure that POS services and processes are not running. Now, go through the following steps:
•    Open Task Manager and go to the Processes tab.
•    Now, find the processes such as qbpos.exe, QBPOS DBService.exe, and QBPOSShell.exe.
•    Now, close the Task Manager and Press Windows +R.
•    Now, in the Window search type services.msc.
•    Now, search for QBPOS database Manager v11.
•    Close the window for services.
•    Now, display the hidden folders of Windows.
•    Go to the location of your operating system.
•    Select all the files and delete it.
•    Go back to QuickBooks POS location.
•    Delete WSActivity files.
•    Open POS and download updates.
•    Now, complete the process of registration.
This way, you can successfully have a resolution of Application Update Required error and can smoothly run your POS. However, if you want to have more information then you can dial a QuickBooks POS technical support number.
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