Friday, 29 July 2016

Know the Reason Why Antivirus Alone is not enough

Antivirus is known for protecting your system against various threats, like malware, adware, spyware, virus etc. But, still, users have to worry about their system security. Though antivirus present today have been designed perfectly against the cyber threats, yet users sometimes need to face several security troubles. Cyber threats are growing so faster that users need to have good antivirus programs on their system and to have the maximum benefits they should have live tech support number for antivirus.
There are many antivirus programs which are popularly used such as Norton, Avast, QuickHeal, and many others. Support services are also available with these security software’s to provide you complete benefits. You may find phone support for norton antivirus, technical support for Avast antivirus and likewise to get any type of help concerning to virus intrusion. Hence, it’s too easy to maintain the perfect security of your system. But, at the same time users have also complained that theses antivirus are not strong enough to protect their system completely from varied threats. Read more at
With this article post, let’s know the reason that why these antivirus programs are not alone enough to protect:
·         There are a large number of viruses to defend against
Traditional antivirus programs are considered as efficiently active for the known viruses, but are not effective for newly released viruses. Thus, engineers need to understand that how actually these viruses work and should develop the software to defend against the new threats. Avast has estimated that new malware get released in every new second and antivirus is falling to behind it. So for updating your Avast antivirus you should have technical phone help for avast antivirus.

·         Many new threats do not even include your system
Even if antivirus vendor is able to block these new threats on your system, then also these threats make their way through variety of social media platforms and again enter inside your system. Many malware has been detected with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many others. These types of attacks are completely carried out by web browser and not by the viruses installed in your system. So, in this situation, antivirus could not help you much.

·         Viruses risk are getting higher day by day
Internet security utilization methods are too slow as comparison to the growth of viruses due which many times users become unable to recognize that what is actually going on in their system when viruses attacks. Thus, you should know to evaluate the cyber risk for both personal and professional purpose.  See also the Best Antivirus Software for Slow down PC at
Thus, to protect your system from dangerous viruses or other interruption, you need to have technical support for antivirus, so that you could know the perfect method to keep your system secure against varied harmful threats. Read more about a List of Free Antivirus Software here

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Repair IncrediMail to Keep Trouble Away

IncrediMail is an advanced emailing application that makes the users to have complete email just at one point and send a customized email with the use of background, animation, sound, emoticons and many other interesting things. It has really changed the boring view of an email into an interesting, colorful and amazing view that compels the users to get connected with it. With its great usefulness, there may be some situations in which users could face troubles with it and need to have professional tech support for IncrediMail to have an immediate solution. Read more
IncrediMail errors usually happen when it gets overloaded with much data or when certain files are broken or missing from your system. IncrediMail also makes users to view their emails without a web connection, thus it is also important for them to keep their system away from trouble. However, even with the proper functioning of system your IncrediMail is not working properly, then you need to uninstall and reinstall IncrediMail email software on your system to repair it. This you can do in an easy way with support and help for Email or you may also go through the procedure shown in this post. Let’s go through the steps to uninstall and reinstall IncrediMail:
·         Click on Start menu and type “uninstall a program”. Now, click on uninstall a program to get as “uninstall or change a program”.
·         Now, go to the list of programs you have installed and, then find IncrediMail and click to uninstall.
·         Now, click on the option Remove and, then click on Next to go ahead to uninstall IncrediMail.
·         Now, you need to click on Remove button to confirm that you want to uninstall IncrediMail software.
·         Now, you need to go to the download page and click on Download IncrediMail – Free button and save the installer to your desktop. Once you have completed the downloading, then you need to open the installaer.
·         Now, if you do not want to add installer to an IncrediMail browser tool bar, then you need to uncheck the Install IncredeMail Toolbar.
This way, you can repair your IncrediMail email application in a very simple way. Anyway, if you face any problem while going through these above steps, then you can have IncrediMail support. You can also call its toll-free number to have more supports and solutions for this amazing email application. You can also read about Simple Techniques to Convert Incredimail Emails to Outlook here

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Windows 7 Mainstream Support Ended by Microsoft

With the arrival of the latest Windows 10, Microsoft ended the free support for Windows 7. This is basically done by Microsoft to make almost all Microsoft users updated with its latest technology. Though Microsoft has ended mainstream support for Windows 7, yet there are many users who are still using Windows 7. Windows 7 OS interface is still considered as the easiest interface due to which users have great affection with it and, so they cannot switch to another OS. After ending of Windows 7 mainstream supports, users started looking for expert tech support for Windows 7 with independent service providers to find immediate solutions.
Ending of Mainstream support signifies that Windows 7 is not going to receive any new features of update. Though Windows 7 will get security updates till January 14, 2020. With the end of mainstream support users are not going to have free online technical support for Windows 7 as phone or online support. However, users can easily avail the paid support from Microsoft for this OS. Now, users will not be able to have preinstalled Windows 7 OS with PCs or laptops. Read more about How to Get Windows Technical Support Services?
With such a great changes, users need to be worried because users can still get an easy support for this Windows and this is possible with independent service provides. You can have any type of support for Windows whose support has been ended by Microsoft. You can have the support with these independent service providers by calling on their toll free number. They offer support as Windows technical support where you can have the support for any of Windows version you are using.
Likewise Windows 7 version, Windows 8 services are also expected to get end by Microsoft on January 9, 2018. Anyway, you needn’t worry, as solution path will always remain with you by the help of technical support companies. Intelli Atlas is also one of a renowned technical support company from where you can get the online phone technical support for OS X El Capitan. Their solution services are available 24*7, so you can call them at any moment to have the right solutions. You can also connect with their technical experts to have any type of information related to Windows. Their well versed technicians knows well about the OS issues, so you can freely trust on them to have the fast and accurate solution for any of the technical issues with OS you are using. Read more about Is It End Of The Road For Windows 7 Tech Support?

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Common QuickBooks Point of Sale Issues Resolved

QuickBooks Point of Sale is an accounting management software program available in two versions: Basic and Pro. It allows you to track customers, sales and accounts perfectly. This software needs to have good access with the Server Work station to keep a proper tracking on all aspects of accounts. Sometimes it happens that QuickBooks Point of Sale is unable to get a proper access of Server work Station due to which they become unable to find the location of client work station. So, you should immediately look for live point of sale support for QuickBooks in order to keep yourself away from various troubles.
While connecting with workstation, Firewall software should configure properly to allow QuickBooks software to access all essential ports.  If it does not setup properly to have proper setup with the company data, then you could face many errors. Let’s know about these errors along with their solution.
·         Unable to find application and failed to open company data
Here you first need to sign in to your computer with Windows Administrator and with that Administrator sign in to the Server work station. You may also call on online technical support number for QuickBooks to have quick solution.

·         Company data deleted or renamed
Get the complete list of Server Workstation or data files present on your network and choose the correct data or server and, then click ok. The client work station will get connected to the same data.

·         The Server Workstation has different data files
Here, you need to open the correct company data present on the Server and select with the data that you have opened currently. Here, you can also have a online proadvisor technical support number for QuickBooks    experts to deal with these issues.

·         The network is not configured properly
Check the cables of your network for clients and server Workstations. An improper configuration can cause system to work roughly which results in falling of the capability of the server Point of Sale along with other service request. In this situation, you need to call on QuickBooks help number to get perfect solutions.

·         Firewall settings blocking the connectivity
In this condition, you get the frequent message from the firewall. Here, you need to check the settings of the firewall and also need to sign in to your Windows as the Administrator user.

These are very short part of troubles and solutions of QuickBooks Point of Sale; you can know more with a QuickBooks technical support number and secure yourself from any financial loss. Read more about Quick Tips to Became a QuickBooks Pro advisor Certified

Friday, 22 July 2016

Resolve Outlook Express Mail Sending Issues

Outlook Express is an advanced and free email program which was developed by Microsoft that allows you to send, receive, store and manage your complete email messages. It comes bundled with Internet Explorer browser features. Its’ emailing features are too easy to use, but there may be some conditions in which you could face trouble in accessing your inbox, outbox, unable to download attachments or any other issues. In this condition, you can have a tech support number for Microsoft Outlook to sort out any kind of issues with Outlook Express. Read more about What to do When Outlook Freezes While Sending Mail? at
Many users get problem in sending mail due to which their important task gets obstructed. You can overcome Outlook Express out going email issues by going through the procedures shown in this article post and could keep the trouble away forever. Let’s go through some solutions for sending mail issue with Outlook Express.
·         Here, you first need to check the settings of outgoing mail server.
·         Now, select Tools or Account from the menu and choose the preferred accounts and click on Properties.
·         With same tab make the verification that My server Requires Authentication is checked. Now, go to the settings to specify your username and password which should be different from incoming mail records.
·         With the advanced tab make sure that the server required a secure connection is checked properly with outgoing mail (SMTP).
·         Now, check the port for Outgoing Mail. Typical ports usually have “25” and “465”.
·         Make sure that folder of Sent Items is not too large.
Ø  To check its size you need to go to the store folder of Outlook Express and check the size in Sent Items.dbx files.
Ø  Move the message of sent Items folder to another folder in Outlook Express and set up a folder for all mail sent in a year.
·         Now rename the corrupted Outbox.dbx file.
Open Outlook Express folder and rename the Outbox.dbx file as Outbox. old file. Now, you cannot access any message in your “old” Outbox folder.
·         If renaming has fixed your problem, then you can delete Outbox.old file.

This way, your email sending issue is resolved with your Outlook express. However, if you are using Windows XP, then you can have online technical support for Microsoft Office 2007. Their experts will make you know that how you can resolve the email sending issues in your Outlook Express.  Related article Repair Applications in Microsoft Office 2007

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Gateway Computer Common Issues Resolved

Gateway has been a well known computer hardware company that develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of personal computers, server, and computer monitors along with many other computer accessories. It was later acquired by Acer in the year 2007 and now you will be able to find Gateway computers in the name of Acer. Gateway computers were known for the advanced inbuilt features with the latest and innovative technology due to which users still search for it supports as a online technical support number for Gateway.
 Like the other computers and laptops brand, it can also create troubles to the users. Thus, you should always be aware of the common Gateway computer issues along with their solutions. With this article post, you will come to know about some common issues that users usually face while using this computer. Read more about handy ways to fix gateway laptop problems at
Let’s go through issues and their solutions:
1.      System running slowly
There can be many reasons of slowing down of your computer. Here, first of all you need to check for Ram. If Ram is less than 2GB, then it will work slowly. So, try to have at least 2 GB Ram. Now, have a check on your hard drive for logical and physical errors. If problem exists, then you need to have Gateway technical support for your computer.

2.      While starting the PC users get the message as “operating system do not found”
Here, you need to start your PC while keeping press on F2 key and check for hard drive detection. Now, go to the option advance system and check for primary and secondary drive. If you are unable to find the hard detection, then you again need to install operating system.

3.      Computer automatically gets turned off
This issue basically happens due to bad cable connection, overheating or defective battery.
Here, you first need to check for cables whether it is connected properly or not. Now, you need to clean your fan present in your system. You also need to replace your battery, if it is too old.

4.      Unable to make printing with internet
In this case, you need to check for Pop-ups blocker. If pop-ups blocker is on, then you will not be able to print. Here, you need to allow temporary pop-ups to have printing.
Besides, all these issues there are many other issues that you can face while using your computer. But, these issues can be easily avoided with the help of a computer technical support. Every PC brands have their toll free number such as for Toshiba laptop or PCs, you can call on toshiba laptop help and suppirt or for HP brand, you can call on HP technical support number. Likewise these brands, you can also call on Acer or Gateway support number to get the fast, perfect and economical solution for your Gateway computers. Read more about Toshiba support

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Blue Screen of Death Issue: Accurate solutions

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is an error that gets displayed on the screen of Windows, when system gets any critical issue and Windows gets crashed. It suddenly makes the operating system to reach a condition where it stops operating safely. In this situation, users need to have online technical support for blue screen of death to get the accurate and quick resolution.
There are many more reasons for the occurrence of these issues such as corrupted Windows, hardware driver installation or may be due to faulty hardware. Anyway, most of the BSOD issues come from corrupted Windows files and corrupted database of your system. Want to know about how to fix blue screen errors read here
To overcome these issues, you can also go through the processes as shown below:
1.      Clean all the viruses from your system
Most of the time viruses can corrupt Windows file and users get these types of issues. So, you should always prefer a good antivirus.

2.      It may be that Windows registry is corrupted
When viruses start attacking, then their main target is always a Windows registry files, as it’s a good controller of Windows. Here, you need to install a good registry cleaner to repair and clean your Windows registry. If you are looking for the phone support for Windows Registry Repair visit   .

3.      Use SFC or Scannow to repair windows
Here, you need to open CMD as command administrator. Now you need to type the command as sfc/scannow and then enter. After this, you need to restart your system. If BSOD issues are still going on, then you need to move to the next.

4.      Update the drivers of Windows and hardware
Update all the drivers of Windows and computer hardware. To do this in a perfect way, you can have phone support for Windows.

5.      Windows may be corrupted
Here, you need to restore your computer that will make you to have all the files. If it does not work, then you need to install a new Windows. You can contact technical support for Windows to fix the issues quickly.

6.      Update your BIOS
Update and properly configure your BIOS to remove all sorts of random issues that could further result in Blue screen of death issues.
With all the above procedures, your Blue Screen of Death issues can be easily get resolved and you could again start using your Windows in a normal way.  You should also have proper advices and suggestions with Windows technical support team to keep any type of Windows issues away. Related article Windows 10: How to Fix Blue Screen Death Error?

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Windows 10 Technical Support for Troubleshooting Windows 10 Issues

Windows 10 is the latest operating system developed and released by Microsoft. It was released on 29th July, 2015 and with its release users really got astonished with its newest and user friendly technology. With the advent of this amazing operating system, people also started searching for expert tech support for Windows 10 in order to find accurate and quick resolutions. Many Windows 10 users were started facing trouble with it. This happens mainly because of its new features or technology built with it or may be because insufficient technology awareness. Anyway, you need not worry with these Windows 10 issues as there are varied ways through which you can have the solution for any type of Windows 10 issues. You may go through this article post to know that how you will be able to have quick solutions for any of Windows issues.
·         You can fix the Windows issues with the help of Microsoft support pages.
With the Microsoft support pages you will get all possible solution procedures that could be applied on a particular Windows issue to be resolved. With their support pages, you are going to have the complete supports and solutions, whether you need expert tech support for Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows 10, a solution is possible for all the issues. With their support pages, you can easily make the upgrade and downgrade Windows OS as per your needs or comfort.

·         You can also have the help with an app “Contact Support”.
Microsoft has added this app “Contact Support” in Windows 10. To use this app, you need to type “contact support” in your search box. Now, with only a click on it you will be able to connect with the chat support or phone support with Microsoft answer desk. This will make you to have direct help from Windows 10 experts. You can also go through any Windows community forum where you can have the answers of questions with Windows 10 technical group.

·         You can also have the help with the independent Windows technical service provider.
Today you can find independent technical support companies who comprise advanced team of Microsoft certified technical experts. These experts can deal with any kind of Windows issues through their remote technical support. Their services are available throughout day and night, so you can call on their toll free number at any moment to receive fast and easy solution. If, you are not satisfied with Windows 10, then you can also downgrade to Windows 7 with their expert tech support for Windows 7.

With all these relevant solution points, you can get any type of solution concerning to Windows 10 or any other Windows issues. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Most Frequent Windows 8 Issues Resolved With Tech Support

Among various operating systems developed by Microsoft, Windows 8 is also one of the most significant operating systems whose development was started before the release of Windows 7. It was released on October 26, 2012 for general availability. Its interface is completely new and dynamic, which has been designed for better experience on tablets. It gave a new platform to develop apps focusing on touch devices. However, Windows 8 features are really mind-blowing, but there are some features that really created lots of troubles to the users. In this situation, they needed to have the frequent technical support for Windows 8. Here, with this article post, you will know the most common issues with Windows 8 and how all those issues make the users encounter troubles, while they use this operating system.
·         Metro style screen created lots of trouble
Its new user interface as the metro style makes the users difficult to manage the complete icon shown there. Here, users find themselves to switch every time to new start screen and classic Windows 7. Every time users need to switch to the main interface due to which they were completely uncomfortable. In this situation, you need to have a online technical support for Windows, so that you could know that how you would be able to use Windows 8 in a comfortable way.

·         Unable to close the apps
Many users complained that some mechanism is lacking in closing the app. App opened there automatically get suspended which can only be available again with the start screen. It’s really annoying, as users are unable to recognize whether the app is active or not. Here, you can have the expert assistance to overcome this issue.

·         It’s difficult to shut down
It is hard to believe, but many users complained that they have to spend five minutes to find the button from where they could shut down. As on clicking on the Start button, you get the new Start screen.
Thus, to shut down, you need to click on the Power button where you will get option to Restart or Shutdown.

·         Its multitasking features do not work
Its display feature of using two apps at a time on the screen does not work.
Here you need to go to the regedit and need to create a new app called App Positioner where you need to create a Dword entry. Now, name it as AlwaysEnableLSSnappi and hit enter. Now after restarting your system, you will be able to do multitask at a time.

These are some common issues that the users get after using Windows 8. Besides, all these issues there are many other issues that users face with Windows 8. But you need not worry, as you have Windows technical team to provide you solution, so that you can have a great comfort with your operating system. You can also read about Spectacular Ways to Fix Windows 8 Printer Issues

Thursday, 14 July 2016

How to Get Windows 10 Driver Free Of Trouble?

Windows 10 is the most recent and latest operating system upgraded by millions of Windows users free of cost. But with its upgrading, many users were confused that whether the hardware part like driver would be compatible with Windows 10 or not. This issue got confirmed with user reviews, as most of the user’s complain that some of the drivers were missing after upgrading to Windows 10. So there may be possibilities of missing of Windows drivers’ after upgrading to Windows 10. Many Lenovo users got this trouble that was easily sorted out with the support phone number for Lenovo laptop.
This driver missing is common as many times hardware part gets the compatibility issues with the updated OS. But, you need not worry as you can easily have the driver on your system with way shown here in this article or you can also call on the Windows laptop helpline number to get rid of any of the Windows driver issues.
·         You can make the automatic driver installation to get the driver on your Windows 10
Microsoft has already announced that Windows driver working with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 can easily work with Windows 10 also. All the hardware working with Windows 7 can be easily worked with Windows 10.
Once Windows 10 gets installed properly, then you need to wait to get download of drivers and update from Windows latest updates. With the help of the preview builds running, Windows go away and get all the drivers for your hardware and install it automatically on your system. These hardware’s can be motherboard, graphic card drivers, Wi-Fi and networking, key board printer and mice along with the other peripheral device connected to your PC. In order to have the fast and trouble free solution you can call on the helpline number for Windows laptop also.
·         You can also download Windows 10 driver  yourself
If something does not working properly on your Windows 10, then you need to check device manager with a right click on the “start button” and, then check for any known or unknown devices that are not working accurately. You can also check the devices properties to find, whether any code ID is present there or not. If it is so, then you need to search it on Google to know about it exactly.
While going through these processes you should keep in mind that you are downloading the required driver for your Windows 10 version i.e. for 32 or 64 bit versions. This way, you can easily make the installation of drivers on your Windows 10 in a perfect manner.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Is It End Of The Road For Windows 7 Tech Support?

Whenever any new operating system or any other program is launched by big brands, it likely they discontinue their existing support for the older versions in order to make people more interested in new products. This time, it is Windows 7 that will not see the light of day as the leading technology giant has stopped the manufacturing of Windows 7 consumer PCs. This way, the highly admired Windows operating system is finally bidding adieu to “mainstream support.” Like Windows XP, Windows 7 is also being retired from the Microsoft side and this decision will affect millions of Windows users who are still sticking to the most reliable and used operating system. Thanks to technical customer support for windows. This support will be available at 3rd party technical support providing companies for making the life of users of the older versions of the OS.
It means it is the end of the road for Windows 7 as it wouldn’t be receiving any new features or product changes. Be it the impressing-sounding DirectX 12 gaming technology or any other interesting feature, Windows 7 users will not be able to seek Microsoft’s free help if they run into an issue with Windows 7 either. Such users can take sigh of relief as there is a toll-free helpline number for windows 7. Technical customer service for Windows matters the most as it lets all Windows 7 users free from the tension of timely and instant help when they face networking, installation, compatibility, and operational issues.
Whenever a Windows desktop operating system says no to the mainstream support, it takes official entry into the extended support phase. It the same support phase where Windows versions prior to Windows 7 found themselves. If some users have already opted for extended Windows 7 support, they are likely to get critical security patches before the end of extended help plan. Interestingly, technical customer support for windows can be still availed with the help of certified Microsoft professionals employed by independent technical support providers.
For resolving windows 8 issues below useful article can help you:

Common Problems of Windows 7 and How to Fix Them

Windows users who have no idea how to understand the game of support for various Microsoft products can easily opt for Microsoft's Support Lifecycle for Windows to understand things better. Dialing a toll-free helpline number for windows 7 support can also make things happen in the favor of such people who have no idea of Windows support cycle. With the services of such a number, you can take help for all new as well as old versions of Windows in an effective manner.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How to Install Windows XP with Drivers?

Now Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft, but it is still an immensely popular operating system because of its user friendly look and design that makes the users enjoy a stable and reliable interface. Now the users can easily have the Windows 8.1 or 10, but there are still some users also who have great affection with this Windows XP and thus they do not want to move to any other version of the Windows. Day-by-day operating systems are getting more systematic, and thus driver support become more problematic when you use the latest hardware on your Windows XP. However, Microsoft support is not available for this XP operating system, so you can have the support with the independent customer service for Windows to get the resolution for any type of Windows XP issues.
You can also go through this article shown here to know that how you can install the XP operating system with your driver. Here, you first require to prepare the disc for Windows XP setup, then you can create with the help of the system installed with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1. Now you require going through the process as shown below:
1.            Take the Windows XP install CD and insert it in your system, then copy all the files or folders to another folder on your system, such as C:\WindowsXP.
2.            Now download driver pack base and place all the executable file to the new folder and execute the driver packs.
3.            Download the driver packs that you want for XP. Now have the most critical driver that could run properly such as Graphics, LAN, WAN, Mass Storage and Sound. These days Driver Packs are distributed as the torrents so you will need torrent or you can also use Bitlet. This will make you to download torrent from the web browser.
4.            Now copy your all the downloaded packs to C:\DriverPacks\DriverPacks or to the folder that you created in steps 2.
5.            Now go to the folder C:\DriverPacks folder and run DPs_BASE and then expand the settings tree by clicking on the location. If you are asked for the location, then be sure that you have selected disc and then click Browse and locate the contents of that copied Windows XP CD in your first step.
6.            Now go to the Settings>DriverPacks and then choose the packs that you want to add and then click the next.
7.            Now again go to the Settings>Driverpacks>method 2 and then have the review of your settings by clicking on the slip dream.
8.            There are many other ways also available to get Windows XP with the driver disc. For this, you first need to create an ISO file that you can have with the tool as download RVM Integrator. You can also know things in detail by calling on the tech support phone number for Windows XP to get more information.
This way, you can make the installation of the Windows XP with the driver and can enjoy your XP Windows operating system without any hassle.

Know the Issues That the QuickBooks Users Faces With Downloaded Transaction

As you all know well that QuickBooks is a great accounting tool, it makes the users to know that where their business currently exists. With this great astonishing tool, small and mid size enterprises can easily manage their billing, payroll, invoicing, cash management and tax management calculations. With its great utility there are some online banking downloaded transactions issues, in which the users need to have quick technical assistance with a toll-free online support phone number for QuickBooks. Here, in this article you will know of some of the most common issues that the users get with their downloaded transaction.
1.       Connection issues with the bank
QuickBooks consist of the large number of banking list, so you should be always careful in choosing your bank.  It will be best, if you copy and paste the required login URL of the bank in your search field, so that you can easily have it without any trouble and confusion. Before making login you should not forget to clear message. If you will not do so, then you can get the message as “Intuit is unable to get the transaction from your bank”.

2.       Required more transaction after the initial download
When you sign up your QuickBooks online bank account then you started getting all the transaction detail in your accounting system. Once all the transaction gets downloaded, then you see that it is only of 60 days. So in this case you either need to call on the support number for QuickBooks sale tax or need to upload all the transaction. In this way you can have the transactions of the year.

3.       Unable to make the download from the PayPal
PayPal and download transactions do not work together which is really a critical issue. Here you need to enter the transaction separately until you do not find any better option for the QuickBooks online. You can also call on the QuickBooks sales number to know more information of the trouble and solution that you can have while doing download from the PayPal.

4.       Unable to create the duplicate transaction
If you already created the transaction that has been prepared to be accepted by the bank, then QuickBooks do not see as the potential matches. Thus, here you need to remove all the transaction that has been already made, so that you do not get the repeated transaction.
In this way you can overcome most of the downloaded transaction issues that you get with your bank and so you can have the smooth functioning of the QuickBooks software. You can also have the QuickBooks technical support to acquire the resolution of any type of issues with it. You can read this useful article: Common QuickBooks IT Issues Users Get Stuck With

Friday, 8 July 2016

Basic Troubleshooting Techniques to Fix Most Common Laptop Issues

Laptops have become the most indispensable part of today’s era. We cannot imagine a day without the use of the laptop. There are many of the laptop brands running today and all these known for the strong and innovative features with the latest technology, but then also error happens while using it.  
Even a micro error in these can cause a bigger loss to you, but there would be hardly any person who would not be getting any issues. As you all know well that not everyone is technically sound, so an immediate laptop help is needed to overcome the laptop issues as soon as possible. Now getting laptop help is not a difficult task because laptop issues solution is possible just sitting at your work place.
Today each laptop brands have their individual help center, so if you are using HP laptop then you can have the solution with thetechnical support for HP laptop. Likewise, if you are Lenovo laptops users then you can directly have the customer help for the Lenovo laptop. There is many of the laptop issues about which you will know here along with their solution.
Overheating of the laptop
Due to overheating laptop get crashes and freezes. To overcome this issues user need to clean out air vents, needed to place material of the filter over the inhalation vent or they need to update the BIOS. You can set up the automatic update of the BIOS with the laptop technical experts.

Hard Drive work slowly
Due to slow functioning of the hard drive, it becomes difficult make the program downloading and file transfer fast. To resolve this issue you need to do the defragmentation of the disk. Disorganize the hard drive information as your system requires more time to make the data sifting on the drive. So, you can also have the HP laptop technical support to resolve this trouble in a perfect way.

Issues with the Mother Board
This Motherboard issues is common on AMD or Broadcom cased machine. This problem basically occurs with the overheating, so always keep check whether your fan is running constantly to cool the laptop or not.

Regular shutdown and failure of the Boot-up
This usually happens when laptop is unable to recognize the wireless card which is followed by the start up failure. In this case laptops can get shut down anytime and unable to get restart. To come out of this issue you need to connect you laptop brand customer care like the customer help for the Lenovo laptop, HP laptop, Dell laptop etc. With these solution points you can have the genuine help, just at your home and can get the trouble sorted out within a minimal period of time.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

How to restore my Quicken data backup?

If you use Intuits Quicken accounting software in your business, then it’s easy for you to restore or recover your data in an efficient manner. You can recover your lost data files and restore your Quicken data files. When you backup your Quicken data, you protect your financial information, including passwords, accounts, reports, and attachments, as a way to safeguard your records in case of computer failure or as a means of moving your data from one computer to another. If you are not able to restore your Quicken data backup, then you can dial a toll-free technical support number Quicken and get relevant solutions effortlessly.
There are various ways by which you can restore your Quicken data backup. Below are some of the methods:
Backup Quicken for Mac
  • Choose File menu >Backup> To Disk.
  • Select a place on your Mac to save the file. It doesn't matter where just as long as you remember where you put it. You can also save to a flash drive from here if you'd like.
  • Click Save and you are done.
Restore Quicken data
  • Choose the File menu > Backup and Restore > Restore from Backup File.
  • Select the radio dial next to Restore from your backup, and then tap Browse.
  • Browse your computer or external media to find the backup file you want to restore. The Quicken backup file has the extension .QDF-Backup.
  • If you are restoring a file over the current file, click OK to overwrite the current file.
In case the above-mentioned steps are not able to restore your backup, then you can take help from Quicken data recovery customer service phone numberand get instant help from certified technicians in a hassle-free manner.
Quicken for Windows
Select File > Backup and Restore > Backup Quicken File...
In case you have options for backing up your data in Quicken. By which you can either backup your data to computer, external drive or into a CD/DVD or simply sign up for Quicken Online Backup.  Quicken Online Backup is a different service which you can find out more about here.  
To recognize your latest backup, you can put a date to the backup file name.  This is optional, but can come be helpful if you need to restore back to a specific date.
By this, you will be able to see the location where your backup will be saved along with the name of the file that will be created.  If you want to change the location of your last backup data then simply click Change. It's your choice where you want to save your backup.

Restoring a Quicken backup file replaces your current data with the data stored on the backup disk. Be attentive as you can lose any data while making the changes you made to your file since the backup was created. If you want to save the current file, you must rename the current file or the file you are restoring.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

What to do When Outlook Freezes While Sending Mail?

Are you getting an Outlook not responding issue? Do your Outlook freeze, hang or stop working while opening a file or sending email message? If yes, then this is a very critical situation and need to resolve soon; otherwise, these issues can become worst.  In this situation, you should immediately look for the cause and solution on the official pages of the Microsoft Outlook technical support. With the help of this page you can know that why you are getting these issues and what you should do to get rid of all these glitches.
There are varied reasons due to which these Outlook troubles happen, about which you must know so that you can be aware of cause and could become alert. This will save you from any of the further issues with your Outlook.
This problem happens because of the following reasons that you must know:
·         It may be that you would not have installed the latest updated.
·         It may be using with the proper procedure.
·         Earlier installed add-in may be interfering with the Outlook.
·         Mailboxes become too large.
·         App data folder would have been redirected to the network location.
·         Outlook data files got corrupted or damaged.
·         Installed antivirus would be outdated or may be conflicting with the Outlook.
·         User profile got corrupted.
These all may be the reasons for the Outlook hanging or freezing issues. If you would be always attentive against all these causes, then you may not be getting any of the trouble with it. However, if you are facing freezing and hanging issues, then you need to have the immediate expert help, then a toll-free technical support phone number. The number can be called at any time as the help desk is always available to deal with any of the Outlook issues. You can also follow the procedure shown in this article to beat all of its issues.
·         Install all the latest update with it.
·         Check whether Outlook is use by another process or not.
·         Check for the issues caused due to external contents.
·         Find and resolve all the add-ins issues.
·         Decrease the size of your mail box, if it is full.
·         Repair all the Office programs.
·         Renovate the complete data file of email.
To avoid all of its issues, you better have an advanced support from a team of Microsoft Outlook technical support professionals so that there could be hardly any chances of getting trouble with your email application. Read more at