Thursday, 31 March 2016

All you need to know about Parallels desktop 10

Parallels 10 is loaded with several virtualization features and extends complete support for Windows 10.  This incredible piece of software is a boon for Mac owners as it lets them easily run Windows and other operating systems as well. Mac users may need to use Windows-exclusive software due to their job requirements and necessity to have a library of games on Microsoft OS. Interestingly, you can run Windows on a Mac along with OS X with the help of Apple’s Boot Camp. It allows users to install Windows on a split partition. If you need to reverse the older OS without restarting computer, you need to rely upon where virtualization that permits you to run an alternate OS. Users can also seek Customer Support Helpline for Parallels to do the same with no hassles.
When it comes to running alternate OSs, Parallels 10, VMWare Fusion, and VirtualBox matter the most. The process to set up virtualization is easy and confusing as well, depending on way which alternate you have chosen. No matter which way you choose, you need an ISO of the OS. Moreover, you can’t use a Windows .exe file. If you are doing so, you need to start the install process on a Windows PC and convert the same to an ISO file. Technical-Support-Phone-Number.Com
Key features of Parallels 10
·         Parallels 10 software program has an innate ability to run Linux, Windows or Chrome beside Mac. As all virtualization programs are capable of doing so, it is extra features of the program that makes Parallels stands out.
·         Parallels 10 works well with the new iOS 8 and Yosemite transition features.
·         The theme of integration enhances a feature called Coherence to launch Windows apps from the OS X dock straightforwardly. Coherence ensures a much smoother transition between two different operating systems.
·         Touch pad gestures are embedded in Parallels and can be used while working in Windows or another OS. Moreover, users can copy and paste across OS X and Windows.
·         Parallels extend total support for up to 16 vCPUs (virtual CPUs) and 64GB of RAM.

Mac users facing any issues with using Parallels desktop 10 opt for Parallels Customer support to bring the best out of their Mac products. With some pros (easy to install, convenient to use, running Windows programs in a Mac environment, and a vital mix of OS X and Windows features) and cons (expensive, high upgrade cost, need a powerful Mac for the best experience, and a shorten battery life), Parallels desktop 10 is a great piece of software used for running Windows, Linux, and other OS on a Mac. Although it reduces performance and battery life, yet it runs other systems as part of Mac workflow with minimum efforts needed.

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