Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Printing Sage 50 Invoices, Picking Lists, or Other Forms From past Dates

A typical inquiry from Sage 50 clients is how to reproduce a structure, for example, a receipt, deals request, or picking list from a shut year or, on the off chance that you have limited client's entrance to past periods, how to you republish one from a shut month?
The vast majority print structures, for example, receipts from the same screen that they enter them, but since the Print catch additionally spares the exchange that won't work on the off chance that it's in a shut year (notwithstanding when you haven't rolled out any improvements). You keep running into the same issue when you set a client's rights to not permit access to shut months. It is conceivable to reproduce these exchanges, you simply need to take an alternate methodology. Sage 50 technical customer support phone number
Begin by setting off to the Reports and Forms menu, pick Forms, then the kind of structure you need to print. The Select a Report or Form window will open and you can pick the arrangement you need to utilize. Keep in mind that custom structures will show up at the highest priority on the rundown with a blue wrench on the symbol. Select your structure, then tap the Preview and Print catch.

The alternatives on the print window will fluctuate contingent upon which kind of structure you're printing. For instance, when printing receipt you can pick "Unprinted Invoices" (which really implies receipts that have not been doled out a receipt number) or "Printed receipts" (receipts that have a receipt number) however you won't see that decision on each structure. Set the channels as expected to choose the structure or structures you need to print. Click the Refresh List catch to see which things will really be chosen. You can uncheck things you would prefer not to print or change your channel criteria and invigorate the rundown once more. For most structures, before printing you have to go to the E-mail Options tab and browse the accompanying rundown of activities:
Send an email just, don't print a paper copy
Send an email receipt and print a paper copy
Print a paper receipt and send an email copy
Print just a paper duplicate.
These decisions can override the settings on the Sales/Purchase Info tab of the Maintain Customers/Vendors window. So in the event that you have a somebody's inclination set to "Email" however you need to print this exchange, you have to set this choice to "Print just a paper duplicate" else you'll wind up with a PDF appended to an email when you attempt to print. http://technical-support-phone-number.com

At last, tap the Print/E-Mail catch or the Print Preview catch to continue.

In the event that there is a specific sort of structure that you often print from a shut month or year you can set up an alternate way to make it speedier to get to. For instance, in the event that you have individuals' rights set to not permit changes to earlier months, but rather you utilize the Sales Order Picking Ticket as a feature of your typical system, you'll routinely need to print deals orders from a shut month. To set up the easy route, at the principle Sage 50 window, tap the Customize join alongside Shortcuts along the left half of the window. Click the Add a Shortcut catch, Go to Forms, then select the structure you need to utilize. You can utilize the Move Up or Move Down catches to position your alternate route on the rundown or utilize the Rename catch to change its portrayal. Click OK when you're set. Presently you'll have the capacity to pick that shape specifically from the easy routes.

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