Monday, 11 April 2016

Fix Your QuickBooks Gmail Troubles Instantly

While using QuickBooks Desktop (for windows) products users generally have several options for email incorporation: Web Mail, Outlook & QuickBooks E-mail. If you are using Google Gmail on your system and want to select the Web Mail option, and are not getting the proper way to get it to work with your Gmail you can simply call expert QuickBooks support phone number and get instant results. Here’s a method to resolve that trouble for most Gmail users.
QuickBooks Email Options
Few years back Intuit Software Company only offered QuickBooks E-mail as an option. Then the renowned company added Microsoft Outlook as an option, however, many of the people are still using other kinds of email systems like, Gmail, Yahoo and other “web mail” systems had to work around these limitations. Some of the versions of QuickBooks don’t provide support to all 3 email systems.
1.       If you have installed Microsoft Outlook on your computer, then Outlook support is available only on this situation.
2.       QuickBooks E-mail is one of the favorite email options of users. The software depends on Intuit mail servers & not offers the finest features.
3.       In QuickBooks 2011 Web Mail was introduced, and it helps you to connect with Yahoo email, Google Gmail, or with your personal web-based email service.
Setting Up Google Gmail in QuickBooks
1.       How to set QuickBooks and Gmail
2.       If you want to use Gmail to send reports from QuickBooks Desktop products select Edit in the menu options, then select Preferences.
3.       Select Send Forms preference> and then My Preferences tab.
4.       Select Web Mail option, and then click Add button key.
5.       Gmail address pops up in the dialog window, then choose Gmail from the Email Provider list. QuickBooks will choose fill in the SMTP Server Details for your email.
6.       Click OK and save in to your address book.
7.       Click on OK option and close the Preferences window, now enter your Gmail account password and use QuickBooks to send email or report.
By following these easy steps, you can set up your Gmail in QuickBooks or contact QuickBooks support number and get your problems resolved immediately. Technical-Support-Phone-Number
Sending an Invoice with Gmail
1.       To send a valid email address in their customer record click on the Email button to send invoice messages now.
2.       Send Invoice dialog window opens there by screening you’re as well as customers Gmail address and a preview of the matter which you want to send.
3.       After this just click on the Send key. Simply put your password for first time after that QuickBooks will remember it automatically.
4.       Click on OK option and send invoice to the client using my Gmail account.
For more assistance regarding QuickBooks email services users have many options in the form of the third party intuit customer support companies.

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