Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Know Everything about QuickBooks Email & Technical Support

Few years back uses have only two mailing options while emailing a report or an invoice from QuickBooks. This is the reason many of the users are using Gmail, yahoo and other web mail systems to work around their limitation and it was not.  In 2011 intuit QuickBooks heads all the issues and, now users can use almost every web-mail account that they want with this accounting.
This is one of the favorite improvements that came out in Intuit QuickBooks 2011, as it gives you a lot of simplicity and flexibility to millions of users all across the globe. Being a accounting software QuickBooks also face some glitches on a daily basis like; printing issues and QuickBooks online browsing, managing QuickBooks account, functionalities to compute Sales Tax and dealing with related issues, How to import or export data, Support for QuickBooks payroll, Managing invoice, payments, bills and tracking inventory and more. If you are confronting these errors, then it’s better to take help of Technical Support for QuickBooks. Experts here are proficient enough to solve your problems in seconds at very chargeable rates. http://technical-support-phone-number.com
QuickBooks E-mail.
1.       These email servers are some of the times offline. On the other hand you don’t get a copy of email that was sent as you don’t have a sent folder that you can look at. To overcome from this, you use your email in Bcc field then you will get a duplicate copy of message, which helps in knowing that mail went out.
2.       You can’t attach more documents or edit the message once you click send option.
3.       There can be considerable delay in receiving and sending the client mails.
There are some advantages of this method also, that if you are using QuickBooks Billing Solution, then you can have a intuit mail physical copy of invoice with a return and remittance slip.
QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook
1.       This is the best mailing option if you use Outlook.
2.       If you have Outlook installed in your system, then you don’t have any complex settings in QuickBooks. You will get a copy of the email message in your Sent folder every time when you send an email.
3.       You can edit or modify the message before the message is sent.
If you don’t have Outlook installed in your system or you don’t have outlook as an option in send forums, then you a problem in your Windows Registry. Intuit QuickBooks always looks for a registry key and sometimes that registry key is missing. Howsoever ,If you have Outlook installed, and you are not you are not getting  the use it option, then perform a “Repair” of your Microsoft Office installation and restart your computer  again. That normally resolves the problem or if you are still facing the problem, then just dial QuickBooks tech support helpline number and get the help of expert technicians to resolve your issues in minutes.
QuickBooks Web Mail
1.       QuickBooks Web Mail is one of the best options which were added in QuickBooks 2011.
2.       To start this select Web Mail from settings and then click or tap the Add button.
3.       You can use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail/Live and other email servers in this mailing option.
4.       Enter a valid email ID and QuickBooks will automatically fill in the server name and other details for you. The program will ask you for a password first time and will remember it for future use.
Most of the users prefer this web mail method over QuickBooks E-mail but there are still some problems. If you use this QuickBooks email system, then you may have to use the Bcc field as discussed earlier.

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