Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sage Payment Center to Improve Cash Flow & Reduce Errors

With the introduction of Sage Payment Center, it is now more convenient for small and mid-size companies to improve cash flow, reduce technical errors, and save on their valuable time. It is termed to be an in-product solution in Sage accounting that paves an easy way for businesses to apply for, and activate the credit and debit card receiving competence set in into their integrated accounting tool.
With Sage Payment Center, handling finance and accounting activities is undeniably expedient for small and medium businesses that can now process the credit/debit card payments, and access real-time transaction information without any technical problem.
However, you may come across some sorts of technical glitches while executing the software. Fortunately, you can access to third party reliable technicians with a toll-free Sage accounting software support number in real time. 
Sage Payment Center lets small and mid-size businesses to:
·        Turn on and use credit or debit card payment process that is integrated into Sage accounting software.
·        Acknowledge payments against a proof of purchase and accept a credit card payment with the help a PCI-secure point-of-sale (POS) mechanism.
·        Ensure "cash-flow confidence" as you know who making payment and when it will be processed.
·        Make more conversant business assessment by screening payment trends and getting better information over your business health.
In addition to the points mentioned above, Sage 50 brings in some more impressive features that can help your business grow in all directions. You can have the following benefits for your business:
Accounting & Business Functions
The foremost objective of such software suite is to streamline accounting and business functions in a proper way. The software helps you save on your valuable time so that you can focus on key areas.
This small-business accounting software suite is well capable of handling clients, vendors, sales, billing, invoicing, payroll and other financial activities.
Customized Reporting System
Sage 50 offers you a dynamic reporting system that you can use to generate reports for your CPA or shareholders so as to enhance your business tendency to make a better financial judgment. The software offers more than 150 reports with modified reporting options.
While generating reports, there is a chance to encounter technical errors in reports. If you contact experts on time, it can easily be overruled and you can continue your accounting as before. Dial sage support phone number to get support in real time. 
Payroll and Employee Module

To make it more interactive and useful for small and mid-size businesses, Sage 50 includes payroll and employee module that can create a custom category for the employees having different characteristics –  hourly, salary or commission-paid employees. 

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