Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Norton Internet Security 2010: Key problems

Norton antivirus is one of the most trusted software programs used by millions of users all across the globe. It is one of the top grade security options for all computer security solutions. This is the reason why Norton has gained a lot of significance over the years. If Norton Internet Security software made by Symantec Corporation is among the most admired security programs, it protects your system from external threats and internet dangers.
However, if you are using any program it has its own bad points and good points. There are some problems that you can face while using Norton antivirus security software. Of course, you may also solve many of the problems with this security set up by contacting reliable Antivirus support services .Experts here are very proficient in resolving your Norton suite issues.
Have a look at the major problems of Norton Internet Security 2010 and fix them instantly:-
1. Price of the software
Norton Internet Security 2010 is quite affordable. But if you're one of the unlucky users who have experienced problems with this suite, then this price is too high for you.
2. Installation errors
 To overcome from this, it’s good to install the software on to a freshly installed OS that is updated with security and service updates. If you install Norton internet security 2010 on to an operating system that already had a previous antivirus, then it will cause several issues and you have to run for an expert help. To simply overcome installation errors, it’s better to choose customer support service for Norton antivirus and get all problems solved immediately.
3. Issues in windows 7 upgrade
If you are experiencing issues in installing the security software in windows 7, the best solution to this problem is to install the antivirus in the safe mode or install with a clean boot up.
4. Uninstallation errors
As with the installation of Norton internet security 2010.Make sure you have a suitable tool as windows installation wizard will not remove the program completely.
5. Firefox 3
When upgrading to new releases of the popular browser you can face several issues in Norton tool bar.
 6. Issues in firewall
A regular complaint about Norton Internet Security 2010 is that the automatic configuration of firewall. Although it is a setting which can be changed later but most of the users are not aware about the fact and skip the notifications resulting in errors.

How so ever not all users are facing these problems, it’s good to check the system requirements and after that decide which security suite you have to purchase.

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