Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Handy Ways to Fix Norton Antivirus Problems

Antivirus protects your system from all type of viruses and malware. This antivirus software’s are important for your PCS to work accurately. Norton has been delivery top grade solutions since from a long time. The computer devices have become compulsory for everyone for their day to day work. If you are used to net surfing or do online shopping, online banking, and other important work through your computer. More you are using the internet there are more chances of getting malware and virus infections. In that case, you need very strong antivirus software to protect your PC. Norton can be used for this as it uses latest cloud technology for real-time protection and has intelligent, lightening fast scan speed to protect your system. The software provides complete protection from all threats and viruses which are ready to attack our computer. Though the software is highly beneficial but it can also undergo some technical glitches. Here is a brief discussion of the common problems:-
Norton provides users the facility to download and install it’s the antivirus product. However, an only trial version of the software is available for free download. In order to install the latest release of Norton you have to remove the previous version. For this, you can also take the assistance of the third party technical support for Norton antivirus. The system restarts in most of the cases after installation.
 Norton update
After installation of the software, it must be updated with latest security updates and upgrades. The software will take a lot of time for the first time to update completely. Sometimes you may face problems then don’t worry on-demand Norton Support for antivirus is there to help you out.
Not good Windows 7 Upgrade Compatibility
Many customers are facing poor compatibility of Norton antivirus with Windows 7.It face issues in upgrading to Windows 7 and installing Norton Internet Security, and to resolve this simply install the suite with a clean boot setup in MSCONFIG or in Safe Mode. http://www.apsense.com/article/norton-internet-security-2010-key-problems.html
Security updates for Mac OS
In the framework of Mac OS X, the foremost issue was that it took a long time to update and for updating, the system could not load its Operating system and it leads to crashing of the OS. The only way to resolve this problem is to save the PC from system breakdown and boot it from external installation disks.
Earlier versions required patch
The previous versions of Norton had some drawbacks in its security patch including Firewall, which could allow hackers to get into the PC. Norton now introduced patch via its Live Update to fix the issue. The users are suggested to check their Norton version before downloading and installing the applicable patches.

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