Monday, 2 May 2016

How to Fix Common Router Problems

Nowadays, accessing the wireless broadband is a necessity of daily life either it is an office, home, small business or a large venture. The market is thriving up with the inventive routers in exclusive designs and unbeatable functions. While numerous routers are offering excellent features to the users, most of them still come with certain problems making it harder for users such as limited security and baffling setups. Here are some of the common router problems that users experience often.
Even though router manufacturers offer a user manual they failed to provide solutions for every problem. People can also find the solutions for these common problems in this article. They can try the possible solutions to make things easier when accessing the wireless or wired broadband.
1. Difficult Configuration:
The first and foremost problem users’ face with the router is taking much time to set up. They are encountering a problem when adding a new device to the wireless network. The user is not awake with the configuration steps; it is really difficult to crack the difficult configuration.
The solution is to check your model compatibility with your data card and get the entire information from your service provider. This would help you to simply install and manage your router. There is an abundance of questions which can arise while using routers. Answers to all these problems linked with routers are known for certified technicians. Technical Support for Router knows the answers to these configurations based Queries and thus, help you in resolving these problems instantly. 
2. Enabling file sharing from routers:
There are several routers with USB ports to get linked to an external drive for file sharing. While others require new software for enabling the file sharing options. Some routers with these USB ports are still enabling file sharing due to the complex setup of routers.
The best solution for this trouble is to purchase the router that has inbuilt file sharing option. Or you can use the software for configuring the external USB drive on your router and fix this issue. If still you are not able to share your files from your router then, to access quality solutions you only need to call on toll-free router customer support number for NetGear so that the problems which you are facing can be resolved only through a single call.
3. Security and safety measures:
Keeping your safe and protected is not an easy job. Just because you believe your router connection is secure doesn't mean that it is. As the password cracking is too easy and your router can be used by hackers. So it’s good to regularly check to see who is using your router connection if you haven't changed your default router password.

The appropriate solution to avoid such issue is to change the default password. Regularly check out the screens that are normally labeled as “attached device” that will reveal who is connected and from which I.P. address.

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