Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How to Fix Annoying Windows 10 Problems

The upgrade to windows 10 has been smooth for most of the users, but some users will are still facing some errors. Windows 8 was a total failure and this is the reason why many users decided to upgrade for Windows 10 operating system. However, Windows 10 is not perfect and still comes with bugs and other annoying issues that most of us hate. The new operating system Windows 10 comes with some nice stuff such as Virtual Desktops, Cortana, windowed Windows Store applications, the revamped Start Menu, Direct 12, but there are still lots of stuff that need to be fixed. http://www.giikers.com/article/54198/you-should-be-aware-of-windows-10-privacy-issues
Installation errors
If you want to prevent errors upon installation of the software, your computer needs to be up to par with certain standards. Here are the specs Microsoft requires:
·         A processor of 1 gigahertz (gHZ) or faster
·         A Microsoft account and Internet access
·         16 GB of free hard disk space
·         1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) RAM
·         Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
Battery draining issues
If you are experiencing that by using Windows 10 your battery is draining too quickly. To overcome from this if you want to reserve your battery, do a system search for Cortana, then switch Cortana off. Sometimes Windows update can also have drain on your battery to turn this off, press windows key + i and then navigate to update & security > windows update > advanced options > choose how updates are delivered and move the switch to off. In case you are still confronting battery drainage issues, then contacting toll-free Windows 10 support number is the right choice to opt for. Expert technicians will solve your errors instantly without any hurdles. http://techsupportphone.kinja.com/5-most-common-windows-10-issues-with-solutions-1773042557
 Touchpad is not working
·         If your touchpad is not working then simply follow some simple steps .
·         First of all, check your keyboard to see that function button is working or not.
·         If this does not work, press windows key + i, select devices > mouse & touchpad > additional mouse options.
·         A new window will open and from here you need to click the tab which is furthest to the right, likely called device settings.
·         Underneath devices, select your touchpad and ensure it’s not disabled. If it is, then click the enable button.
Not able to open Microsoft office files
If you are trying to open your files and are getting some errors like “file is corrupted" and cannot be opened. To overcome from this error simply, press ctrl + x and then select command prompt (admin). Input the following command, but replace the office number with whatever version you’re using, and then hit enter on your keyboard. Windows 10 also includes a lot of astonishing features which sometimes help in troubleshooting the errors automatically. If your system is unstable or you are unable to restore your files, then you can simply take contact reliable tech support for Windows to solve your problem. Expert technicians resolve your problem instantly at affordable rates.

For getting more details regarding Windows 10 operating system fixes, you can visit the official website of Microsoft Windows and get reliable solutions.

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