Sunday, 24 July 2016

Common QuickBooks Point of Sale Issues Resolved

QuickBooks Point of Sale is an accounting management software program available in two versions: Basic and Pro. It allows you to track customers, sales and accounts perfectly. This software needs to have good access with the Server Work station to keep a proper tracking on all aspects of accounts. Sometimes it happens that QuickBooks Point of Sale is unable to get a proper access of Server work Station due to which they become unable to find the location of client work station. So, you should immediately look for live point of sale support for QuickBooks in order to keep yourself away from various troubles.
While connecting with workstation, Firewall software should configure properly to allow QuickBooks software to access all essential ports.  If it does not setup properly to have proper setup with the company data, then you could face many errors. Let’s know about these errors along with their solution.
·         Unable to find application and failed to open company data
Here you first need to sign in to your computer with Windows Administrator and with that Administrator sign in to the Server work station. You may also call on online technical support number for QuickBooks to have quick solution.

·         Company data deleted or renamed
Get the complete list of Server Workstation or data files present on your network and choose the correct data or server and, then click ok. The client work station will get connected to the same data.

·         The Server Workstation has different data files
Here, you need to open the correct company data present on the Server and select with the data that you have opened currently. Here, you can also have a online proadvisor technical support number for QuickBooks    experts to deal with these issues.

·         The network is not configured properly
Check the cables of your network for clients and server Workstations. An improper configuration can cause system to work roughly which results in falling of the capability of the server Point of Sale along with other service request. In this situation, you need to call on QuickBooks help number to get perfect solutions.

·         Firewall settings blocking the connectivity
In this condition, you get the frequent message from the firewall. Here, you need to check the settings of the firewall and also need to sign in to your Windows as the Administrator user.

These are very short part of troubles and solutions of QuickBooks Point of Sale; you can know more with a QuickBooks technical support number and secure yourself from any financial loss. Read more about Quick Tips to Became a QuickBooks Pro advisor Certified

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