Thursday, 21 July 2016

Gateway Computer Common Issues Resolved

Gateway has been a well known computer hardware company that develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of personal computers, server, and computer monitors along with many other computer accessories. It was later acquired by Acer in the year 2007 and now you will be able to find Gateway computers in the name of Acer. Gateway computers were known for the advanced inbuilt features with the latest and innovative technology due to which users still search for it supports as a online technical support number for Gateway.
 Like the other computers and laptops brand, it can also create troubles to the users. Thus, you should always be aware of the common Gateway computer issues along with their solutions. With this article post, you will come to know about some common issues that users usually face while using this computer. Read more about handy ways to fix gateway laptop problems at
Let’s go through issues and their solutions:
1.      System running slowly
There can be many reasons of slowing down of your computer. Here, first of all you need to check for Ram. If Ram is less than 2GB, then it will work slowly. So, try to have at least 2 GB Ram. Now, have a check on your hard drive for logical and physical errors. If problem exists, then you need to have Gateway technical support for your computer.

2.      While starting the PC users get the message as “operating system do not found”
Here, you need to start your PC while keeping press on F2 key and check for hard drive detection. Now, go to the option advance system and check for primary and secondary drive. If you are unable to find the hard detection, then you again need to install operating system.

3.      Computer automatically gets turned off
This issue basically happens due to bad cable connection, overheating or defective battery.
Here, you first need to check for cables whether it is connected properly or not. Now, you need to clean your fan present in your system. You also need to replace your battery, if it is too old.

4.      Unable to make printing with internet
In this case, you need to check for Pop-ups blocker. If pop-ups blocker is on, then you will not be able to print. Here, you need to allow temporary pop-ups to have printing.
Besides, all these issues there are many other issues that you can face while using your computer. But, these issues can be easily avoided with the help of a computer technical support. Every PC brands have their toll free number such as for Toshiba laptop or PCs, you can call on toshiba laptop help and suppirt or for HP brand, you can call on HP technical support number. Likewise these brands, you can also call on Acer or Gateway support number to get the fast, perfect and economical solution for your Gateway computers. Read more about Toshiba support

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