Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How to Install Windows XP with Drivers?

Now Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft, but it is still an immensely popular operating system because of its user friendly look and design that makes the users enjoy a stable and reliable interface. Now the users can easily have the Windows 8.1 or 10, but there are still some users also who have great affection with this Windows XP and thus they do not want to move to any other version of the Windows. Day-by-day operating systems are getting more systematic, and thus driver support become more problematic when you use the latest hardware on your Windows XP. However, Microsoft support is not available for this XP operating system, so you can have the support with the independent customer service for Windows to get the resolution for any type of Windows XP issues.
You can also go through this article shown here to know that how you can install the XP operating system with your driver. Here, you first require to prepare the disc for Windows XP setup, then you can create with the help of the system installed with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1. Now you require going through the process as shown below:
1.            Take the Windows XP install CD and insert it in your system, then copy all the files or folders to another folder on your system, such as C:\WindowsXP.
2.            Now download driver pack base and place all the executable file to the new folder and execute the driver packs.
3.            Download the driver packs that you want for XP. Now have the most critical driver that could run properly such as Graphics, LAN, WAN, Mass Storage and Sound. These days Driver Packs are distributed as the torrents so you will need torrent or you can also use Bitlet. This will make you to download torrent from the web browser.
4.            Now copy your all the downloaded packs to C:\DriverPacks\DriverPacks or to the folder that you created in steps 2.
5.            Now go to the folder C:\DriverPacks folder and run DPs_BASE and then expand the settings tree by clicking on the location. If you are asked for the location, then be sure that you have selected disc and then click Browse and locate the contents of that copied Windows XP CD in your first step.
6.            Now go to the Settings>DriverPacks and then choose the packs that you want to add and then click the next.
7.            Now again go to the Settings>Driverpacks>method 2 and then have the review of your settings by clicking on the slip dream.
8.            There are many other ways also available to get Windows XP with the driver disc. For this, you first need to create an ISO file that you can have with the tool as download RVM Integrator. You can also know things in detail by calling on the tech support phone number for Windows XP to get more information.
This way, you can make the installation of the Windows XP with the driver and can enjoy your XP Windows operating system without any hassle.

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