Monday, 18 July 2016

Most Frequent Windows 8 Issues Resolved With Tech Support

Among various operating systems developed by Microsoft, Windows 8 is also one of the most significant operating systems whose development was started before the release of Windows 7. It was released on October 26, 2012 for general availability. Its interface is completely new and dynamic, which has been designed for better experience on tablets. It gave a new platform to develop apps focusing on touch devices. However, Windows 8 features are really mind-blowing, but there are some features that really created lots of troubles to the users. In this situation, they needed to have the frequent technical support for Windows 8. Here, with this article post, you will know the most common issues with Windows 8 and how all those issues make the users encounter troubles, while they use this operating system.
·         Metro style screen created lots of trouble
Its new user interface as the metro style makes the users difficult to manage the complete icon shown there. Here, users find themselves to switch every time to new start screen and classic Windows 7. Every time users need to switch to the main interface due to which they were completely uncomfortable. In this situation, you need to have a online technical support for Windows, so that you could know that how you would be able to use Windows 8 in a comfortable way.

·         Unable to close the apps
Many users complained that some mechanism is lacking in closing the app. App opened there automatically get suspended which can only be available again with the start screen. It’s really annoying, as users are unable to recognize whether the app is active or not. Here, you can have the expert assistance to overcome this issue.

·         It’s difficult to shut down
It is hard to believe, but many users complained that they have to spend five minutes to find the button from where they could shut down. As on clicking on the Start button, you get the new Start screen.
Thus, to shut down, you need to click on the Power button where you will get option to Restart or Shutdown.

·         Its multitasking features do not work
Its display feature of using two apps at a time on the screen does not work.
Here you need to go to the regedit and need to create a new app called App Positioner where you need to create a Dword entry. Now, name it as AlwaysEnableLSSnappi and hit enter. Now after restarting your system, you will be able to do multitask at a time.

These are some common issues that the users get after using Windows 8. Besides, all these issues there are many other issues that users face with Windows 8. But you need not worry, as you have Windows technical team to provide you solution, so that you can have a great comfort with your operating system. You can also read about Spectacular Ways to Fix Windows 8 Printer Issues

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